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Storytime Picks

I have been a book lover since I learned to read so becoming a librarian was an easy career choice. I earned my master's degree in Library Science and have worked in both public and elementary school libraries as a Children's Librarian and Library Director. One of my favorite parts of my job is planning and presenting Storytime. I love introducing kids to new books and watching their excitement as they take books home to be read again and again. 

This page is dedicated to helping librarians, teachers, and parents find books for Storytime that are fun to read out loud and have quick and easy craft ideas or lesson plans. See below reviews for links to author websites and my Pinterest Storytime board.

Check back often for updates and links to new authors, books, videos, and more or visit my YouTube channel for Book Talk videos featuring books for kids of all reading levels.


circus train.jpg


Circus Train by Jennifer Cole Judd is the perfect read-a-loud for toddler, pre-K, and Kindergarten Storytime (not to mention it is my daughter's favorite!) The vibrant pictures and lyrical text keeps kids entertained plus the craft potential is through the roof.  A teacher's guide can be found on the author's website.


Sarah's Song by Rosie J. Pova is perfect for Grandparents Day which my school district celebrates each year by inviting grandparents to a special lunch at their grandkids' school. Even if your school or library doesn't celebrate this day, Sarah's Song is a great book to read-a-loud. It highlights respect, tradition, and love. The text is fast paced which is important for short attention spans and Grandparent's Day crafts are easy and sweet.

ghost in the house.jpg

HOLIDAY PICK Ghost in the House by Ammi-Joan Paquette is witty and fun for Pre-K and Kindergarten Storytime.  Mystery characters are revealed by lifting flaps allowing for audience participation as kids try to guess who is coming next and celebrate when the monsterous guest is revealed. So many spooktacular crafts could accompany this book and who doesn't like a good Halloween craft? 

marvelous cornelius.jpg

Marvelous Cornelius by Phil Bildner is full of my favorite writing tool...drum roll please tapa-tapa-tapa...ONOMATAPOEIA! I love onamonapia (which I sing instead of say because it just sounds like a word that should be sung). The use of sound propels the story forward and keeps pre-K and Kinder students fully engaged. This is a wonderful story to celebrate community helpers, kindness, and always doing your best. Plus there are many fantastic craft and activity options.


HOLIDAY PICK Thanku edited by Miranda Paul is a collection of poems highlighting gratitude and positive thinking. This book has endless possibilities and provides the entire Thanksgiving month (or any month) of Storytime sessions as a few poems can be read at each Storytime.  

mostly monterly.jfif

HOLIDAY PICK Don't let the monstrous name fool you, Mostly Monsterly by Tammi Sauer is more  suited for Valentines' Day than Halloween. This heartwarming story encourages everyone to be themselves and embrace what makes each of us unique. Valentine crafts are my personal favorite! Show your friends, family, and even pets how much they mean to you.

The Owl Who Asks Why.jfif

The Owl Who Asks Why by Michelle Garcia Andersen is a twist on every child's favorite question; WHY? The inquisitive owl takes a journey of self discovery and meets a few friends along the way. Find outstanding owl crafts featuring the letter O on my Pinterest Storytime board.

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