Hi! It's great to see here! 

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If you want to see me in person Invite Me To Speak! I love connecting with readers, authors, and librarians to discuss my favorite topic; BOOKS! 


About Me

I live on ranch in Texas with my husband where we raise a mess of kids, cows, horses, goats, sheep, and a cacophony of roosters and chickens.


When I am not writing I love to read. No matter how old I get my favorite book will always be Charlotte's Web, although Miss Nelson is Missing is a close second.


I am also a librarian and former acquisitions editor, which means I got to be part of the entire book making process from writing, to publication, to sitting on the library shelf! 


My favorite color is purple (in case you can't tell) and my favorite treat is chocolate, especially with peppermint squeezed into bite size Junior Mint deliciousness. I love birds and envy their ability to fly. If I had a superpower it would be flying. What would your superpower be?

All in all I am living the life I love surrounded by books, kids, and furry animals. 

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