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Mixed-Up Menagerie 

When Junior Zoologist Zoe gives her very first zoo tour things do not go according to plan. She encounters confused creatures at every exhibit. Zoe must help her new animals friends recognize their similarities and celebrate their differences in the rib-tickling tale of mistaken identity. 

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The Lousy Lay-Up 

Candace is a Shooting Star. It says so right on her basketball trophy. She can dribble, pass, and shoot a basketball better than anyone on her team. When she advances to a higher division, Candance finds her new teammates have mastered a skill she has never tried. Her first attempt at a layup is a disaster! Candance wants to quit until a teammate helps her realize no one is perfect when trying something for the first time. Candace learns that she doesn’t have to be the best player to support her team. 

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Talk With Me

A contributing chapter in a publication from the American Library Association assisting librarians in serving patrons who rely on Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices. 

Librarians will lean the P.A.S.S. Approach. A step-by-step guide to facilitate effective communication with this underserved population. 

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Why Can't Every Day Be Halloween? 

When an incredible wish comes true a young boy finds himself in a never-ending Halloween night that soon turns into a nightmare. He forgot that Halloween in more than candy and costumes. It is also the night monsters roam, and one appears in the most unlikely place. 

Blue Whale Press (and Alayne) are so happy that Jackie Kruzie and her fun picture book has joined the Blue Whale Press family. Welcome, Jackie and congratulations!

Mixed-Up Menagerie by Jackie Kruzie, and illustrated by Nicole Allin
Zoe is a junior zoologist, and it’s her first day at the zoo. Her job is to introduce a variety of animals. There’s only one problem. Each animals thinks it is another kind of animal. As Zoe tries to help this mixed-up menagerie learn their individual identities, she becomes increasingly frustrated until she gives up. But not all hope is lost. Zoe doesn’t know what the reader knows: There’s been lots of action going on around her that leads to a BIG SURPRISE. This seemingly silly book presents two stories that blend into one. The illustrations tell one story and the text tells another, and together they tell one engaging story that solidifies the underlying messages of self-discovery, helping others, and friendship.