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Writing Conferences

As an Associate Literary Agent I am available for writing conferences, workshops, webinars, Twitter chats, and any other format used to inspire, inform, and help authors enhance chances of publication. I am happy to create a presentation about any subject that would benefit creatives, however, below are workshops I have presented in the past. Invite me to speak
Perfect Pitches
An immersive workshop focused on perfecting "elevator" pitches and powerful jacket blurbs even reluctant readers can't resist. 
Characters that B.A.R.F. 
An informative and interactive workshop designed to help authors create dynamic characters that leap off the page. 

I am available for library conferences, workshops, webinars, Twitter chats, and any other format used to aid in the continuing education of librarians. My easy-to-follow P.A.S.S. Approach is designed to help libraries create a welcoming environment for patrons who rely on Augmentative and Alternative Communication. I presented at the ALA Lib X Conference in New Orleans in January 2023. Invite me to speak
The P.A.S.S. Approach 
A step-by-step guide assisting librarians in serving patrons who use Augmentative and Alternative Communication devices. This approach has been featured in a publication by the American Library Association and endorsed by speech pathologists and other parents of AAC users.

Library Conferences

School Visits

Books that B.A.R.F. is an interactive writing workshop designed to spark creativity and improve writing skills in students. Schedule a visit


I am a published children's author and hold a Master of Library Science and BS in Public Health Education where I studied the art of creating and implementing educational programs. I have worked in both public and school libraries encouraging the love of books in readers of all ages. 


Using my zany B.A.R.F. method students will create stories that have

- Believable characters

- Action

- Relatability

- Flow


FOR TEACHERS: Free B.A.R.F. poster download pdf 


library visit
Skype vist

"Jackie Kruzie gave my second grade students from Williams Elementary in Magnolia, Texas, such a fun and inspiring lesson on how to make books BARF. Her upbeat personality kept the students engaged, and the lesson really works! My students have books BARFing and they are loving it!" - Kari Stringer, Williams Elementary School 

"Jackie visited each of our school’s 3rd-5th grade classes, sharing a presentation about the writing process and her experience becoming a published author.  The children found the presentation engaging and continued to refer back to her visit during their work in writing workshops throughout the year." - Jamie Martin, Vista Academy 

What teachers think about Book that B.A.R.F. 

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