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5 Tips To Get Your Kids Excited About Summer Reading

Summer fun is almost upon us and I am so excited for my kids to be out of school for a while; mainly because I need a break from the 6am alarm clock! Soon summer reading programs will be in full swing. If you have the opportunity to visit your local library I highly recommend it. Many libraries offer activities, crafts, and special guests to make your summer both fun and educational, but don't tell the kids! If I even mention the word education during the summer break my kids erupt in a barrage of screams and whines. This typical childhood reaction to just about everything is why we moms must constantly be on the lookout for ways to sneak things past our children. Whether it's hiding vegetables in dinner or education in summer we must present it with such stealth they won't even notice.

One fool proof way is make it fun. While I enjoy reading, not everyone is as excited to dive nose first into books as I am. I'm not kidding when I say nose first...I love the smell of new books! But if your child isn't as excited, here a few tips to make summer reading more fun:

1. Judge a book by its cover

We all do this anyway right? But this works especially well for those kiddos who are not reading on their own or are new to reading. Make a game out of choosing books. For example have them pick books that are a certain color or have a certain picture. Make a bingo card and try to complete the rows. Cards can be made for free at or print this card Offer a fun prize for each row completed.

2. Play Author Alphabet

Choose books by the author's name from A to Z. You can pick author by first name, last name, or for those more pesky letters (talking to you x and z) choose an author who has those letters in any part of their name. You'll breeze right through 26 books in no time.

3. Play Hide and Go Read

It's amazing how new and exciting something can seem when viewed from a different perspective. Set up a tent in the backyard or build a fort in the house, then have the kids grab their books, blankets, and flashlights.

4. Do a reading scavenger hunt

This is similar to the bingo game mentioned earlier, but helpful if you already know what vacations your family is taking. Create a list of places to read and snap of picture of your child reading in each place. For example if you’re headed to the beach one item can be reading on the beach. If you will be riding on a plane then add reading on a plane, or reading in the car. Similar to the bingo card, offer a prize when a task is complete (or when 5 tasks are complete, you're the boss so you decide).

5. Be an author

Writing is reading's twin sister. Gather together your pens, pencils, crayons, markers, and/or paints and have the kids write and illustrate their own stories. Then have them read their stories out loud to you and other family members. For more lasting creations make hard covers using cardboard. Get creative! I still have the books I wrote from when I was a kid . You will both love looking at them years from now. Here is a picture of one my books from childhood next one my son wrote a few weeks ago.

So there you have it! Fun simple ways to get your kids excited about reading even during summer vacation. If you have any fun suggestions I would love to hear them!

Happy Reading!

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