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A Heart for Frankenstein

I love me some holiday stories! Thanks Susanna Hill for the motivation in writing a 214 word Valentine themed story for your Valentiny contest! Of course, I couldn't resist adding a little Halloween flair

A Heart for Frankentein

It was Valentine’s Day and Frankie was eager to host a Valentine extravaganza for her friends.

“Not in my house!” her dad, Frankenstein, bellowed. “Halloween is our holiday.”

“Dad, don’t be so grumpy,” Frankie replied. “Other holidays are fun too.”

“Nonsense.” He howled. That was his final word on the matter.

Brokenhearted, Frankie ran to tell her friends the extravaganza was cancelled.

“Change his mind by changing his heart.” Steel, suggested. “My dad got his from the Wizard.”

Frankie studied the sky. “No flights to Oz today,” she sighed.

“The Queen of Hearts has plenty.” Alice announced.

“I rather face Frankenstein.” Steele said, his metal body shaking.

“The Huntsman!” Yelled the dwarfs.

The friends darted into the woods toward his cottage. Unfortunately a sign on the door read RETIRED.

“A good heart is hard to find.” Alice acknowledged.

"Maybe he doesn't need a new one," Kristoff Jr said. "An act of true love can thaw a frozen heart."

“Of course!” Frankie exclaimed. “I have an idea. Follow me!”

Laughter and the smell of fresh baked cookies filled the air.

Frankenstein lumbered into the kitchen.

“I thought I said..."

“Happy Val-o-ween!” Everyone shouted.

Black and orange heart shaped cookies sat on the table.

Frankenstein nibbled on a black heart, then smiled.

“Happy Val-o-ween!” He shouted.


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