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image courtesy of Carrie Charley Brown, founder ReFoReMo

New Year's Resolution.

Look you're still reading, thanks! I figured I would loose a few of you with that first statement. No one really wants to hear about another person's New Year's resolution. So why are you still reading? Could it be you are a lover of children's literature? Could it be you are an aspiring author of children's books? You are! Me too! We have so much in common! So what does this have to do with the dredded three words at the top of this post? As an author my NYR is to write.

Duh! You say. Well not just to write, but hone my writing craft on a daily basis. This can include a number of things really; writing (of course), reading kids books, attending writing conferences, participating in writier's groups, entering contests, blah blah blah you get it. So why do you care? Because I am going to share some awesome resources with you!

Not an aspiring writer? No problem! Parents are always looking for educational resources for their children. Such resouceds include blogs, information about new books, and fun reading challenges. You can find it all here!

The most efficient way to share this info is by giving you a list and links to the best resouces I know. Click any and all links to find what intrests you most. If you see me in any of these groups don't hesitate to say hi!

Happy Reading and Writing!

For Readers:

For Writers:


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